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JJK's work as a novelist 


is a new urban fantasy series where gargoyles, vampires, witches, ghosts, and demons secretly live amongst humankind. Some of these Immortals have vowed to protect us and some are hell-bent on destruction. Every installment uncovers the origin of a different kind of magic, taking a peripheral character from one book and making them the protagonist of another. Unlike a traditional series where several books must be read chronologically to absorb one story arc, every Immortal Testimonies book can be read independently as a stand-alone experience. Of course readers are encouraged to enjoy them all, as the universe of these Immortals will be vastly enhanced with the addition of new books.

Published by

Bold Strokes Books Soliloquy


available in paperback and ebook at your favorite bookseller


Jeremy is stuck, like most young New Yorkers, in a world between adolescence and adulthood. Just when he thought that he was an average, blend-in-with-the-crowd gay kid, he becomes the victim of a terrible act of homophobia. Thankfully, a mysterious something comes to his aid. Garth is a gargoyle, trapped in stone and cursed to live an immortal life. Human and monster must become friends and confront the mysterious and magical events of the past that have brought them together.



It’s 1981, and Bryant thinks his move to New York will be the beginning of a new life. But the men he meets are being threatened by a mysterious illness. Could transforming into a Night Creature save him and his loved ones from certain death? Book Two of Immortal Testimoniestravels back in time to the gay community’s darkest days.



The actors in the 1922 production of Weinstein’s Wonderacts have a secret: they aren’t just performers, they’re members of a Circle, a coven dedicated to enlightenment through magic. To enhance their power, they have their eye on the new girl in the cast, Margarite, a natural witch. But the coven’s leader, Vincent, isn’t satisfied. He’s hungry for more, to become a Complete Man. He turns to a mysterious wanderer for counsel, but could the teacher’s intentions and rituals be malevolent? Being the only one with true gifts, it’s up to Margarite to save her friends from enacting these dark rites.

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