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Jeremy is a writer (and sometimes performer) with a passion for speculative fiction and adaptation. As a novelist, Jeremy authored Immortal Testimonies, a young adult horror fantasy for Bold Strokes Books. At the time of its release in 2012, the series was among the first to feature queer protagonists and was listed in Advocate’s “Top 10 Books for Young LGBT Folks and Anyone Who Wants to Understand Them,” recommended by the American Library Association’s GLBT Round Table, and nominated for the Rainbow Award in fantasy. His dramatic work includes the adaptations of several notable works ranging from a musical of David B. Feinberg’s Eighty-Sixed (which received its World Premiere in 2022 at Diversionary Theater) to a queer investigation of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby to a contemporary exploration of Stoker’s Dracula to a reimagining of journals from a sixteenth-century crossing to the New World. Jeremy toes the line between literal and emotional adaptations of his favorite works and explores their queer characters or themes through magic realism, fantasy, and horror. He believes that genre is an excellent tool for making difficult themes and ideas accessible, especially to audiences who might otherwise not engage with them. Jeremy is a 2018 Dramatist Guild Foundation Fellow, Affiliated Artist with Musical Theatre Factory, and a 2018 Resident at SPACE on Ryder Farm.

photo credit: Cédric Terrell

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