JJK's work as playwright and librettist.


A New Musical

World Premiere coming Spring 2022!

New York City used to be a party town, but 1986 finds everyone paralyzed with fear of AIDS. Everyone, that is, except BJ Rosenthal, who’s determined to keep the party going. When an ex-lover becomes ill, BJ is forced to face the nightmare enveloping him and redefine his life. Based on the celebrated novel of its time and set to a soaring pop score pulsating with joy and heart wrenching melodies, Eighty-Sixed unearths an epidemic that shook the world to reveal a community’s ferocious fight to reclaim its future.

Book by Jeremy J King

Music and Lyrics by Sam Salmond

Adapted from the novel by David B. Feinberg 



A Supernatural Horror for the Stage

The city is no longer habitable and Christopher isn’t adjusting to his new life in a small town. With the suffocating conservatism, threats from neighbors, and his boyfriend’s recent death, Christopher doesn’t feel safe or sane. It’s up to his twin sister, Becca, to keep her brother from unraveling by throwing an impromptu dinner party. But this get-together couldn’t happen at a worse time, for Christopher has just taken matters into his own hands by turning to some…seriously dark forces to help him find solace. As their home is plagued by mysterious visits, everyone must confront what really scares them—one another. Son of Mourning explores the horrors that lurk in the dark and inside us. 



Or Five Beastly Sodomitical Boys

A  New Play

In May, 1629, the ship Talbot set sail for the New World with a hundred farming families, thirty marines, six goats, nineteen cannons, and...”five beastly sodomitical boys.” Upon their discovery, the Puritans deemed the boys’ acts so foul they were sent back to England for prosecution. But there are no records of their return. THE PENTAD imagines how these boys met, fought against Puritanical ideas, and left their mark on history. 



A New Play

Thomas Travers is a junior account executive at a luxury real estate firm, and he’s been offered the chance of a lifetime: to sell the architectural masterpiece, “Poehler House.” But this won’t be easy, as Thomas has to deal with the home’s mysterious and boisterous owner, Nicky Rubiano. When a freak accident strands Thomas at the house for longer than anticipated, the two men must engage in ways that people from their two generations rarely do. SUM OF MY BLOOD explores the divide between gay men of different ages, and the monsters they make of one another. 

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A New Musical
(Still writing!)

Creature is a modern queer variation on the Frankenstein myth, told from the perspective of the creature. Leo and his husband, David, are scientists who have devoted themselves to creating new life. In the process, David dies, and Leo puts the brain of his husband into the body of this creation. The creature comes to life. Locked in a cell, Leo teaches the creature about the world outside. As the creature learns the dark secrets of his origin, the relationship between the creature and his maker becomes increasingly more complicated. It’s an exploration of modern queer identity, told through this twisted, intimate lens.


Book by Jeremy J King

Music and Lyrics by Sam Salmond